Why should I come to TIC rather than my family doctor or county health clinic?

The Travel and Immunization Clinic is Kansas City’s trusted specialist in the field of travel medicine. Since keeping travelers safe is our mission, we have the most current and in-depth knowledge of the health risks and precautions necessary for destinations all over the world. Even the most well-meaning personal physician or family doctor doesn’t always have time to keep up with the complexity of travel medicine, nor can they afford to stock all the vaccines and health products that you will need to stay healthy while traveling abroad.

Most city and county health departments only have nurses on staff to provide immunizations. They are not staffed with physicians qualified to write prescriptions or to evaluate all of your personal health needs. The Travel and Immunization Clinic is staffed by a board certified physician and nurses who specialize only in providing the most thorough and personalized travel medicine services available anywhere in our region.

Our clinic has all commercially available travel-related vaccines in stock, and also maintains all routine non-travel related vaccines in our office. This means you can get ALL of the immunizations you may need during your visit to our clinic. You will never have to wait for the ‘uncommon’ vaccines to be ordered and then asked to return to have them administered at a later date. The Johnson County Health Department currently does not carry the Hepatitis A/B combination vaccine, oral typhoid or Japanese Encephalitis.