Travel Consultations

A comprehensive assessment gathers specific information regarding:

  • Personal health history
  • Prior immunizations
  • Prior travel
  • Current Travel itinerary
  • Climate and altitude at your destinations
  • Travel and lodging conditions
  • Seasonal disease-bearing insect activity
  • Rural vs. urban location of planned activities and excursions

This information then allows us to provide advice about the necessary immunizations, medications and travel products that will be helpful in ensuring a healthy trip.

In addition to the verbal information provided during your office consultation, each traveler will receive printed fact sheets containing the most current status of active health risks, basic country facts and U.S. State Department advisories and helpful contact information for each destination on the itinerary. We will also provide you with vaccination documentation certifications and special exemption letters as appropriate.

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Immunizations, Prescriptions & Lab Tests

During your office visit, the clinic staff will provide the recommend vaccinations and prescriptions for any necessary travel related medications. All vaccines for routine preventative health needs as well as those necessary for international travel health—even exotic ones such as polio, typhoid, Yellow Fever Japanese Encephalitis, and rabies vaccines—are available in our office. See our full list of vaccines here.

It is often appropriate to prescribe preventative and/or treatment medications for altitude illness, motion sickness, malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, jet lag and traveler’s insomnia. With both physician and R.N. members on our staff, our clinic is able to write prescriptions during your office visit—unlike the local Health Department clinics, which do not have a physician available to write medication prescriptions. When appropriate, our physician can also order and interpret any necessary lab and x-ray testing.

Travel products and supplies

For your convenience, our clinic provides on-site many essential travel products for all your travel health needs. All items have been selected and approved by the clinic’s medical director, a board certified Internal Medicine physician, and by the International Society of Travel Medicine. See a list of our travel related products.

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College-bound students & International Aid Workers

Students can obtain meningitis vaccinations and any other immunizations they may require for college entrance. A more comprehensive assessment and all necessary immunizations are available for the traveling disaster aid worker or students preparing to study abroad.

Safety and Political Advisories

As part of the pre-travel office visit, the travel health specialists will provide you with detailed printouts of active travel risks on a country specific basis.