Polio Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS)


What is Polio?

Poliomyelitis, usually just referred to as Polio, is a highly infectious and contagious disease that results from the Polio virus. In most cases, progression to the maximum level of paralysis takes place quickly in a time span of two to four days. It is usually associated with fever and muscle pain. Two to 10 percent of Paralytic Polio cases are fatal.

Who needs the Polio vaccination? When?

The Polio vaccination, which is called the IPV shot is either given in the arm or the leg, depending on the patient’s age. The majority of people will receive the vaccine as babies and there are four doses in the series.

While most adults do not need the vaccine because they received it as children, there are three groups that should consider this:

  • Those traveling to an area of the world where polio is present.
  • Those in a lab who work with the virus.
  • Those in the healthcare field who work with patients who may have polio.

What are the risks of the Polio vaccine?

The risk associated with the polio vaccine causing significant harm is very small. An adult who has not received the immunization needs to get the primary series prior to traveling to a country where the wild Polio virus is present. For those who have already had the vaccine, they should get a booster.

How can I learn more about the Polio vaccine?

Call the Kansas City Travel and Immunization Clinic today at (913) 469-0011 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.