When it comes to travel medicine professionals in the Kansas City area, the Travel and Immunization Clinic is the number one trusted destination for all of your travel related health needs.

We offer our patients the widest array of travel vaccines available in local Kansas City area at prices that are usually more affordable than at other vaccine providers.

Owned and managed by our Board Certified physician, Dr. Stephen Scherer, MD, our clinic has been serving patients in the Kansas City metropolitan area for more than 30 years. Dr. Scherer has also been the medical director at the clinic since 2001 and has served as an Internal Medicine specialist for more than 25 years in the community.

The main mission of our clinic is to protect our clients from all the health risks that are encountered during international travel.

Dr. Scherer, and with his team of specialty trained RNs, are extremely knowledgeable in the area of travel medicine and have created the region’s most trusted and respected travel medicine clinic.

Our staff is equipped to serve students who are studying abroad, adventure travelers, disaster aid workers, mission groups, business travelers and those traveling just for and leisure and pleasure.

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Why is the Travel and Immunization Clinic Your Best Option?

There are many people who are planning to travel internationally who wonder why they should visit us. After all, isn’t going to the local health department or their family doctor going to provide the same results?

The answer to this is really simple, NO!

The majority of family doctors and health department workers do not have the experience, access to up-to-the minute database resources, nor do they have the extensive understanding of this complex aspect of medicine to consistently make the proper travel health recommendations. However, the team we have at The Travel and Immunization Clinic is experienced, prepared and knowledgeable about international travel medicine. Just as you would seek treatment from a Cardiologist to get the best care if you have a significant heart problem, you likewise should see a specialist in travel medicine to keep you well when traveling abroad. Travel medicine is ALL we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the region.

Specialty Training Provides Travelers Peace of Mind

The staff at the Travel and Immunization Clinic is specially trained to utilize the patient’s unique health history, as well as specific travel itinerary to provide you with the necessary education, immunizations, prescriptions and other travel related services. This process includes using the most up-to-date and accurate assessments of the potential health risks in the destination location. With a database of more than 200 countries which is updated on a daily basis with information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Travel Immunization and Clinic is uniquely qualified to provide the best level of personalized care and planning possible.

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Benefits of Visiting Travel Immunization Kansas City

When you visit our office, we can help you get only the correct immunizations and prescriptions. This will prevent you from receiving unnecessary vaccinations that are often given by well-meaning primary care doctors who are less knowledgeable about the current diseases in the exact region of the countries that you will be visiting. Getting unnecessary vaccines is not only a waste of your time and money, but could also place you at risk for vaccine adverse reactions. Likewise, if you were to receive an inappropriate medication prescription from your family doctor, you may not be protected from the disease it was intended to prevent in the first place.

Since we only practice travel medicine at The Travel Immunization and Clinic, you can feel confident that you will receive only the correct up to date information, and the proper immunizations and medications that have been specifically tailored to your health and your travel destination.